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Tom Perez

Forget the DNC Chair, Liberals Should Focus on Local Politics

The Democratic National Committee has a new leader and the American left a new lodestar in Tom Perez, the Obama-era Secretary of Labor, who was elected party chair in Atlanta on Saturday. His victory in the most fiercely-contested and politically [...]

February 27, 2017 Democratic Party, Opinion

New York LGBTQ Community Holds Dance Party Protest At Trump Tower

Activists held a queer and transgender dance party in New York this weekend to protest the anti-LGBTQ policies of President Donald Trump. The protest took place on Fifth Avenue beneath Trump Tower. Organizers say the protest was inspired by the [...]

February 27, 2017 LGBTQ, News
Don't Block My Net

Net Neutrality: America’s Forgotten Civil Rights Battle

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the last year, you will be aware of the role “alternative facts” played in the Presidential election. From mainstream media outlets like FOX News to alt-right websites like Breitbart, misinformation was —and [...]

February 23, 2017 Opinion
Trump Supporter

Showdown with Trump Supporters on Not My President Day

On Monday I went to Columbus Circle for the “Not My President Day” rally. I met up with my friend Adrian and we spent about a half hour crammed against a barrier, watching a lone cop talking to elderly ladies and [...]

February 22, 2017 Opinion
Not My President Rally

“Not My President Day” Protesters Rally at Trump International Hotel

New Yorkers gathered at the Trump International Hotel on Monday for a Not My President Day’s rally protesting the “un-American” policies of the current White House. The rally, which took place between 12pm and 4pm at Columbus Circle, was attended by [...]

February 21, 2017 Grassroots, Human Rights, Immigration, LGBTQ, News, Women

Stop Mocking Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

Have you ever thought about why someone might need a safe space? Have you ever thought about why someone might need a trigger warning? The truth is, we often do not think about why someone might need these things – [...]

February 20, 2017 Opinion
Funeral for the US Presidency

Activists Stage Mock Funeral Mourning the Presidency

Anti-Trump activists held a New Orleans-style funeral procession mourning the death of the US presidency as part of an unusual President’s Day weekend’s protest. Members of Rise and Resist, a group of grassroots activists founded in response to the election [...]

February 19, 2017 Grassroots, News

Anti-ICE Activists Cannot Fall Prey To Fake News

Every action of the Trump administration is refracted through my Facebook feed in a torrent of righteous outrage. I became aware of the notorious travel ban via a host of articles posted onto my timeline, each accompanied by a horrified preface [...]

February 17, 2017 Opinion
Woman in Statue of Liberty costume

Artistic Uprising Highlights Exploitation of Women

Artists, authors, poets, and singers gathered in Washington Square Park on Tuesday night to share their creativity with New Yorkers at a special Valentine’s Day rally in solidarity against the exploitation of women. The “NYC Artistic Uprising” was part of [...]

February 15, 2017 News, Women

Dismantling Your Privilege Is the Only Way to Save America

There’s a broad swathe of the country, Democrat and Republican alike, that say liberal snowflakes will be the undoing of America. That it’s the progressive agenda, rather than the tyrant in the White House, that’s going to bring the country to [...]

February 14, 2017 Opinion