Saturday, October 21, 2017
The Upstander


The Upstander exists to document the Anti-Trump movement and chronicle the revival of the American left.

Americans of all creeds and colors have become politicized in reaction to the election of a hate-mongering demagogue to the presidency. An unprecedented wave of activism has been unleashed, powered by groups of concerned citizens united by shared progressive values and fervent opposition to the fascistic polices promised under a Trump administration.

The Upstander is here to spread this movement. We’re here to tell the stories of those who will be fighting on the frontlines against the injustices to come and help you to get involved, too. Grassroots organizations – some long established, some brand new – are mustering, and The Upstander pledges to report on their victories, share best practices, and encourage collaboration. We want all of those newly fired-up by the election to know how they can take part – and to share their stories too.

We’re also here to discuss the future of the American left. The Democratic Party was routed at the election, but retains the potential to channel the energy of the Anti-Trump movement into success  at the polling place. We won’t shy away from asking hard questions of Democrats, though, and invite a broad spectrum of opinions on how the party can best move forward at the grassroots level.

Nor will we neglect other political parties, some that may not even be formed yet, which promise to advance liberal values and work towards a revival of the American left.

The Upstander is the voice of all those who are standing up, not standing by.

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