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As Trump’s Impeachment Looms, The Resistance Finally Hits Its Stride

Clementine Havemeyer May 13, 2017 Opinion Comments Off on As Trump’s Impeachment Looms, The Resistance Finally Hits Its Stride
Activists flip off Trump Tower

In the wake of the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, the resistance has changed: it’s found its groove.

Comey was fired by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, several days after Comey reportedly asked the Justice Department for more funding to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia. The White House released a statement saying that “removing Comey will help bring the Russia investigation to end”, though the hasty action has stoked suspicions that the President has something damning to hide.

Following the announcement, the resistance in New York sprang into action with coordinated efforts from, Refuse Facism, Rise and Resist, OrganizeBK and IndivisibleNY, among others. held an emergency rally at Senator Schumer’s office on Third Avenue on Wednesday evening, where protesters brought along pots and pans, whistles, and musical instruments to “make some noise until we get the truth about Trump and his cadre of advisers and their web of financial and foreign entanglements,” according to a statement released by organizers.

A second rally was held at Trump Tower, where a small number of pro-Trump demonstrators turned up to counter-protest those calling for a independent investigation and the President’s impeachment.

New York-based activist group Refuse Facism is now calling for demonstrations at Trump Tower every night until Trump and Vice President Pence are forced out of office.  Sister protests are also happening in multiple cities across the country.

“There is no compromise with a fascist regime. They will not listen to reason or the rule of law. Trump summarily firing Comey reveals that if the law or institutions stand in the way, these fascists will knock them down,” organizers said.

For the past six months, the resistance has been reacting on the fly to events. While the firing of Comey was certainly a surprise, the entire resistance network in New York was plugged into each other in a way that has not been obvious before now.

This coalition building will be key to the success of the grassroots left going forward, not only while President Trump is in the White House, but beyond what seems more and more certain to be his short term in office.


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