Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Chechnya Protest

Grassroots Activists Demand Chechnya Action From UN

Grassroots activists held a rally at the United Nations Headquarters in New York last weekend to demand an investigation into the mass murder of gay men in Chechyna. The group gathered at Ralph Bunche Park on First Avenue to put pressure on [...]

May 9, 2017 Grassroots, LGBTQ, News

NYC Pride Parade Organizers Backtrack On Resistance March

Heritage of Pride, the non-profit organization that plans and produces New York City’s official LGBTQ Pride events, is backtracking on parts of its decision to allow the resistance to be represented at this year’s march. Several weeks ago, Heritage of Pride [...]

May 2, 2017 LGBTQ, News
Trans Lives Matter

Murdered Trans Women of Color Honored at Washington Square Park Rally

Demonstrators gathered in Washington Square Park last night to honor the nine transgender women of color murdered in 2017 so far. Last week, Chay Reed, 28, from Miami was fatally shot as she fled from her attacker. Reed is the ninth [...]

April 27, 2017 Human Rights, LGBTQ, News
Fearless Girl protest

Activists Protest “Fearless Girl” Statue in the Dead of Night

An anonymous group of activists paid a visit to the “Fearless Girl” statue in Manhattan’s Financial District on April Fools day to protest what they say is a non-intersectional symbol of solidarity. The piece, entitled “#WhichWomen: An Investigation into the [...]

April 4, 2017 Grassroots, Human Rights, LGBTQ, News, Women

Resistance Works! What I Learned From Taking Back NY Pride

Three weeks ago, LA Pride organizers announced that the city’s annual parade would be replaced by a march to protest President Trump’s treatment of LGBTQ citizens. Plans were quickly put into action to do the same for New York’s flagship Pride event. [...]

March 31, 2017 LGBTQ, Opinion
NYC Heritage Pride

Tensions Flare at NYC Pride Planning Meeting

Heritage of Pride, the non-profit organization that plans and produces New York City’s official LGBT Pride events, has promised to make a decision in the next week as to whether it will permit the resistance to be represented at this [...]

March 23, 2017 Grassroots, LGBTQ

Resistance Groups Put Pressure on NYC Pride to Allow Anti-Trump Protest

New York-based activist groups Gays Against Guns and Rise and Resist are putting pressure on NYC Pride, to incorporate the anti-Trump movement into this year’s march. Last night, demonstrators attended a general membership meeting of Heritage of Pride, a non-profit organization [...]

March 14, 2017 Grassroots, LGBTQ, News
Pro-Trump protester

Pro- and Anti-Trump Protesters Face Off At Trump Tower

A pro-Donald Trump rally clashed with  anti-Trump protesters in New York this weekend amid rumors that President Donald Trump would be returning to New York. Trump was a no-show, but that didn’t stop the March 4 Trump rally that gathered [...]

March 7, 2017 Human Rights, LGBTQ, News
Transgender rights protest

The Allyship Between The LBGTQ Community Is A Blueprint For The Left

The lesbian, gay and bisexual community has often been bundled together with the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) community, despite the fact that sexual orientation and gender identity are different issues. Now their intertwined history of fighting for basic human rights, and [...]

March 1, 2017 LGBTQ, News

New York LGBTQ Community Holds Dance Party Protest At Trump Tower

Activists held a queer and transgender dance party in New York this weekend to protest the anti-LGBTQ policies of President Donald Trump. The protest took place on Fifth Avenue beneath Trump Tower. Organizers say the protest was inspired by the [...]

February 27, 2017 LGBTQ, News