Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Hands shaking

No, Well-Intentioned Allies Are Not A Threat To The Environmental Justice Movement

Elizabeth Yeampierre is a commanding speaker. The executive director of Uprose, Brooklyn’s oldest Puerto Rican community-based organization, and champion of the environmental justice movement, took to the podium at last week’s People’s Climate March meeting and stole the show with [...]

February 7, 2017 Opinion
Trump Rally

What I Learned At A Pro-Trump Rally

I got wind of a pro-Trump rally happening in front of Trump Tower on Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming from central Pennsylvania and working years in retail, I know pro-Trump types very well and am not afraid [...]

February 6, 2017 Opinion
Senator Bernie Sanders

Overwhelmed When It Comes to Fighting Donald Trump? Here Are Four Different Types of Grassroots Resistance Emerging in New York

It’s been a little over a week since Donald Trump was sworn in as President. In that time, he has launched major assaults on the civil liberties and human rights of Muslims and immigrants, inflamed relations with Mexico, and set his [...]

February 1, 2017 Grassroots, Opinion
Capitol building

Democratic Senators Should Block Trump’s Nominees – Here’s Why

The Democratic elite gathered in Phoenix, Arizona on January 14 for the first of several forums to debate the future direction of the party and its response to the unprecedented threat of the Trump presidency. Opening the event, interim Democratic [...]

January 31, 2017 Opinion
Trump Supporters

I Tried To Talk To Donald Trump Voters At The Inauguration And They Were Not Open to ‘Having a Dialogue’

Donald Trump would like you to believe that he is bringing unity to the country, but the nation has never been more divided. To bridge that divide, I believe it is my duty to reach across the political aisle and [...]

January 30, 2017 Opinion
Laptop in Bed

Protesting From Bed in the 21st Century

By the time January 21 rolled around, like millions of other women, I’d had enough. Having watched a man so divisive and vile be elected and sworn in as president, shouting: “From this day forward it is going to be [...]

January 27, 2017 Opinion
Manhattan skyline

Bright Lights, Small Cities

“The reason Trump won,” the man at the head of the table said, pounding his fist to emphasize the point, “is that America is in crisis, and he was the only one to acknowledge it.” Around him, the group of [...]

January 25, 2017 Opinion
Women's March on Washington

The Women’s March Wasn’t Just a March. It was the Birth of the Anti-Trump Movement

Kellyanne Conway, America’s favorite peddler of alternative facts, says she didn’t see the point of the Women’s March on Washington. “I frankly didn’t see the point. I mean you have a day after [President Trump’s inauguration that] is uplifting and [...]

January 24, 2017 Opinion
Women's March on Washington

Reflecting on the Women’s March on Washington

Participation in mass political action can be curiously therapeutic. Whether it speaks to a hardwired genetic drive for togetherness, or satisfies a psychological hunger for empathy, there is something palliative about taking to the streets with hundreds of thousands of [...]

January 23, 2017 Opinion
Computer with code

Wanted: Tech Savvy Activists

A grassroots political movement is by nature a scrappy, rough-and-ready thing. Unlike a conventional electoral campaign or professional lobbying organization, it cannot count on big money or big personalities to achieve its objectives. What it can count on is the [...]

January 9, 2017 Opinion