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“Channel Your Outrage into Action” urges president of National Organization for Women of New York

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The National Organization for Women of New York (NOW-NYC) has vowed to help people channel their “outrage into action” following Donald Trump’s shock election victory last week.

“We have a present-elect who thought nothing of trivializing sexual assault, who spoke of sending us to jail for seeking reproductive healthcare. That is why the collective trauma we are all experiencing is so visceral. It’s so real. Disbelief, anger, grief hopelessness, these are universal feelings right now,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of NOW-NYC, an advocacy group for women’s rights.

“Together we’re more powerful than anything”- Sonia Ossorio, president, NOW-NYC

Ossorio, who recently was appointed to the New York City Commission on Gender Equity by Mayor Bill De Blasio, was speaking at a Post-Election Call to Action event held by the group in Manhattan on November 14.

She urged people to stand up and counter the culture of fear, violence and intolerance that currently is emboldening attacks on people of color, Muslims and LGBT people across America.

“We’ve got to speak out against toxic masculinity every chance we get. I believe that we should make a bold goal, to make this the last generation of that,” Ossorio said.

Going forward, the NOW-NYC plans to fight for women’s rights under threat from the Trump, including access to birth control, abortion and healthcare.

The group plans to open its doors every Saturday evening to provide a place for members of the public to organize and ensure their voices get heard.

“I believe, with every bone in my body, that together we will organize and strategize and lay out the road map for tough times ahead,” Ossorio said. “Together we’re more powerful than anything.”

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