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Flurry of Weekend Protests Mark Trump’s 100th Day, Prove Resistance is Not Going Away

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Protesters flooded the streets this weekend to mark President Trump’s 100th day in office, proving that the resistance movement is going strong.

The annual People’s Climate Movement March took place in Washington, DC and cities across the country on Saturday April 29, with approximately 200,000 people showing up to protest Donald Trumps’ anti-climate change agenda, according to event organizers.

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump ordered the Department of the Interior to review the status of up to 40 protected national monuments, with some fearing they he may seek to sell off the land for development. Meanwhile, the content of the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate change website was changed over the weekend, to reflect the agency’s new direction.

In New York, the People’s Climate Movement March was cancelled, ostensibly due to lack of interest. However, thousands of protesters gathered at midday at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to hold a “100 Days of Failure” protest and subsequent march to Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle. The crowd chanted “100 days of failure, 100 days of lies.”

The rally was organized by New York-based resistance group Rise and Resist to state “loud and clear that Trump is a failure,” organizers said. “[We] will broadcast all the ways that Trump, his administration and staff, and his policies are not only failing residents of the United States, but also endangering people around the world.”

Before the event, demonstrators were encouraged to contribute an item to a list of a hundred failures to be read out loud on the day.

“He cancelled arts and literature programs that served the public good,” said activist Jennifer Marie Bartlett from New York, speaking from the crowd.

“He told Congressional leaders that three to five million people voted illegally in the election but has provided no evidence to support that claim,” added Jay W. Walker, of Rise and Resist, Gays Against Guns and Refuse Fascism.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a Love Parade for unity and evolution took place in Union Square Park. Participants held a rally then marched to the High Line and handed out flowers to people on the sidewalk.

“Studies prove that people rarely change their minds because of facts or resources alone – People change course after they have a change of heart – a significant emotional experience that rewires the brain and allows them to re-imagine a new future,” organizers said.

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