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Immigrant Defense Project Urges New Yorkers to Report Immigration Raids

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Immigrant Defense Project, a New York advocacy group for the rights of immigrants with criminal records, has urged New Yorkers to report raids on immigrants, so it can continue to track enforcement trends through the Trump presidency.

Over the past three years, the Immigrant Defense Project has monitored the activities of the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New York, with the goal of providing advice to immigrants on their rights in the case of a raid or arrest.

In an address in Phoenix, Arizona, on August 31, Donald Trump pledged to triple the number of ICE deportation officers, and create a Deportation Task Force focused on identifying and removing at least 2 million criminal illegal immigrants.

Even through the priorities for enforcement might change under the new Trump administration, the tactics used are likely to stay the same, said Genia Blaser, lawyer at the Immigrant Defense Project.

In the New York City area, ICE enforcement officers typically make home arrests, as opposed to upstate New York and Long Island, where the federal body trawls the jails.

“In New York, they go into people’s homes, they come early in the morning, they don’t identify who they are, they also lie about who they are,” Blaser says.

Immigrant Defense Project will continue to collect stories of arrests and raids throughout the administration, so immigrants are better prepared for what to expect in the case of a raid.

Immigrant Defense Project fights to end the current era of unprecedented mass deportation by strengthening immigrant defense through training and expert advice; challenging unfair laws through impact litigation; shaping just policies through advocacy; and empowering communities and advocates through alliance building and education, and changing negative perceptions about immigrants through communications and messaging.

To report a raid in NYC, please call IDP’s hotline on 212 725 6422

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