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Mayor De Blasio to Trump: New York Will Not Sacrifice Its Values

Editors December 5, 2016 Democratic Party, News Comments Off on Mayor De Blasio to Trump: New York Will Not Sacrifice Its Values
Bill De Blasio

Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, says that the city will not allow its progressive values to be changed under a Donald Trump presidency.

“During this extraordinarily painful political challenge, we all continue to stand by our people and values, and we do not allow ourselves to be changed one bit by the results of one election for one office,” the mayor said in a heated speech at the New York Progressive Action Network Conference on December 4.

De Blasio vowed that New York would fight the federal government on a number of issues in the President Elect’s crosshairs including mass deportations, a Muslim registry, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the reinstatement of stop-and-frisk.

“We’re not going to let our own people be deported. We’re not going to allow unconstitutional religious tests and a registry, no one is going to make us go back to a broken policy of stop-and-frisk. We are in this fight with people all over the country who feel the same way,” De Blasio said.

Along with progressive resistance, De Blasio expects there will be a large number of disillusioned Trump supporters, who will be impacted by Trump’s planned tax cuts as well as the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

“At a point when economic pain caused so many people to search for radical change, you think that they will want to hear that Wall Street gets to do whatever the hell it wants and that the 1% will get tax breaks or corporations are empowered further,” he added.

New York has a long history of grassroots activism on economic issues, which crystallized this year in the Bernie Sanders campaign, which went on to win 42% of the vote in New York during the Democratic primaries.

“The experience in New York has proved it, when we did paid sick leave, when we did rent freezes, when we did Pre-K for all, people in this city embraced that and believed that the way forward was a muscular progressive government,” said De Blasio.


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