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New York LGBTQ Community Holds Dance Party Protest At Trump Tower

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Activists held a queer and transgender dance party in New York this weekend to protest the anti-LGBTQ policies of President Donald Trump.

The protest took place on Fifth Avenue beneath Trump Tower.

Organizers say the protest was inspired by the Queer Dance Party that took place in January at Mike Pence’s house by WERK for Peace. The event was designed to celebrate diversity and strength, and bring the community together to “dance in the face of tyranny”.

“We are enraged, we are heartbroken, we are afraid. But that is why we fight. We stand united against homophobia, transphobia, ableism, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and anti-semitism. We reject Trump’s tirade of hatred and bigotry. We envision a brighter future,” organizers said before the event.

The dance party was attended by several hundred protesters, queer and transgender people and allies, as well as several Donald Trump supporters.

Protester Alicia MacCara explained it is important to attend protest events in order to support groups oppressed by the Trump presidency.

“Before he even got in, Donald Trump was against the LGBTQ family, but also anyone’s that different. We can’t just let that be okay, because it’s going to affect everyone eventually, and even if it doesn’t affect you, it shouldn’t matter, because we’re all human,” she said.

The dance party capped a weekend of action by the LGBTQ community after the White House rescinded an Obama-era directive to public schools requiring them to allow transgender students to use the bathroom facilities that correspond with their gender identities. Events included an LGBTQ rally at the Stonewall Inn on Thursday night, which turned into an impromptu march through the Macy’s department store. 

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