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New York State Senator Hoylman: It Will Take a Woman to Fix Albany

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Brad Hoylman

Brad Hoylman, New York state senator for the 27th district, has commended the work of local activist groups that have formed in New York in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

The state senator, whose district encompasses a broad swathe of Manhattan, was speaking at a community meeting of United Thru Action, a New York-based direct action group formed last November to resist the Trump agenda, on Thursday.

“Thank you to all the activists who have sprung up in New York, like you and others across this state, for not being led to water like horses, but in fact discovering themselves the truth about the state of affairs in New York state and across our nation,” Hoylman said.

The state senator is currently spearheading efforts to introduce legislation that will give the public the right to review presidential candidates’ tax returns. After receiving lackluster support from Republicans, Democrats introduced a “hostile amendment” clause on May 2 to force the GOP to “state publicly where they stand on the issue of tax transparency.”

As well as thanking activists for their ongoing efforts, Hoylman paid tribute to New York state senate Democratic Conference leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, admitting it would “take a woman” to fix the disarray in Albany.

Of the 63 state senators in the chamber, 32 are Democrats, but the defection of a rogue group of eight Democrats, known as the Independent Democratic Conference, means the chamber is currently in Republican hands.

“In Albany, I really believe it will take a woman to fix this mess. It’s going to take a woman to cut through the nonsense, the egos, the power shows and the politics. And Andrea has challenged the establishment every step of her life,” Hoylman said.

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