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NYC Resistance Roundup: May 1

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Trump’s First 100 Days Marked With Protests

Protesters flooded the streets of cities across the US over the weekend to mark President Trump’s one-hundredth day in office. In Washington, DC around 200,000 participated in the People’s Climate March to protest the president’s environmental agenda. In New York, thousands of protesters gathered around Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue for a “100 Days of Failure” demonstration organized by grassroots politics group Rise And Resist.


Tenants’ Rights Activists Blast Proposed Rent Hike

The Rent Justice Coalition brought tenants from across New York City to demand the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) freeze costs for rent-stabilized apartments for a third straight year, but left downhearted when the board voted to raise rents instead. Tenants lobbied board members before the meeting claiming rents were too high but landlords countered by saying their costs have gone up and they need rent rises to make ends meet.  “Members of the RGB literally ignored the hundreds of tenants pleading for relief in front of them last night. Instead, they sided with landlords whose profit margins continue to widen on the backs of  ow-income New Yorkers,” said Elliot Friar, 22, a co-founder of the Manhattan Young Democrats’ Affordable Living Task Force. The RGB’s final vote will take place on June 27.


Trans Women of Color Honored at Washington Square Park Rally

Demonstrators gathered in Washington Square Park on April 26 to honor the nine transgender women of color murdered in 2017 so far and to share information about the ways in which transgender and gender non-conforming people are being threatened by the policies of the Trump administration. The rally was held to show solidarity with New York’s trans family and to educate people on how to fight for their rights. It was hosted by a small group of individuals after a previous protest for trans rights in Washington Square Park was cancelled several weeks ago. “Although the state of New York does prohibit discrimination for transgender and gender non-conforming students in education, the state as well as the country has a long way to go [before] fully accepting the trans community,” organizers said


IDC Senator Alcantara Faces Activists’ Wrath

Protesters rallied outside the uptown office of State Senator for the West Side of Manhattan, Marisol Alcantara, to oppose her affiliation with the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), a breakaway faction of Democratic lawmakers who caucus with the Republicans in the state senate. A coalition of resistance groups, including Rise and Resist, NoIDCNY, and Indivisible Harlem organized the demonstration. Certain members of the group were admitted to speak with the Senator directly.


Women Rally To Resist Trump

The National Organization of Women New York branch (NOW NYC) held a rally at Columbus Circle on Friday April 28 to issue the Trump administration a ‘report card’ assessing his record to date on women’s rights. Organizers slammed the president’s attempts to de-fund provisions of the Violence Against Women Act, his revocation of the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order, and his reinstatement of the global gag rule, restricting funding from women’s health clinics that provide abortions.Sonia Ossorio, President of NOW New York, said: “We are out here to issue this school-yard bully a report card on how the policies he’s implementing impact women and families and the hard-fought progress we have made in the last century.”

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